Committed to Excellence

Dr. Carlos C. Grant was born in Winston-Salem, NC and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology Education from South Carolina State University, Masters of Education (MEd) in Educational Leadership from Winthrop University, and Educational Doctorate (EdD) in Educational Leadership and Superintendency from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. Dr. Grant has over 20 years of experience in the educational field.


He started his educational career as a high school science teacher. His educational leadership journey includes serving as an assistant principal, academic director of a South Carolina K-12 public-charter school, and principal of two high schools in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In the summer of 2016, he transitioned to become the Executive Director for Middle Level Education of the Cedar Rapids Community School District where he was responsible for administrative supervision of all services related to middle school education in the Cedar Rapids Community Schools. His focus was on re-visioning the role schools play in designing instruction that is student-centered, competency-based, and incorporates standards based assessments in all levels. He is a trained instructional coaching administrator through the Marzano Highly Reliability Schools Framework. As a member of the Superintendent Roundtable, he developed School Improvement Plans aligned with a district level strategic plan and Marzano High Reliability Schools Framework. He currently serves as the Principal of Wade Hampton High School (Greenville) which is one of the highest performing high schools in South Carolina. Under his leadership, the school was named 2020 U.S. News and World Reports "Best High School" ranked #1 in Greenville. Wade Hampton High is also a National Blue Ribbon of Excellence High School with the a perennial status of having the highest graduation rate in Greenville County Schools for multiple years. Washington Post has named the school as one of “America’s Most Challenging High Schools."


He believes that education is in a state of flux that requires more attention to how we assess student learning. This requires an adoption of competency-based practices that result in deeper learning outcomes for students as they engage in application, analysis, and evaluation of academic content to prepare for post-secondary success. This direction calls for students to reach proficiency of academic content while learning how to (1) think critically and creatively, (2) collaborate and communicate effectively, (3) adapt to challenges and complex problems, and (4) be accountable for quality results. This approach authorizes learning and proficiency of standards along with competencies that occur both in and outside the traditional school structure. He believes we must move this learning beyond the constraints of seat time and silo content based classrooms. Public education requires bold leaders to design learning that is student-centered, systemic personalized learning that builds ownership of learning of all ages. He recognizes that this approach will be a challenge for most districts, because this requires a vision based on fundamental redesign. The traditional system has afforded success for some students, but it has not boded well for all students.

He is a Qualified Administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory and certified AVID Administrator.

He has previously presented at the High Reliability Schools Summit (Austin, TX), National Youth at Risk Conference, Presenter (Savannah), National Alliance of Black School Educators (New Orleans) African-American Children and Families Conference, Iowa Police Chiefs Association Fall Leadership Conference (Ames, IA), Iowa Governor’s STEM Conference (Cedar Rapids), School Administrators of Iowa Conference (Des Moines), National Charter School Conference (Washington, DC), National Conference for Charter School Authorizers (Memphis), National Dropout Prevention Network Conference (Myrtle Beach, SC), National Association for Alternative Education Conference (Nashville), and National Dropout Prevention Network Conference Presenter (Chicago).

He resides in Duncan, SC. He and his wife, Michelle, have two wonderful children, Cameron (15) and Cayden (13). Beyond being an avid outdoor griller and reader, he spends a tremendous amount of time in community activism through his involvement with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.