BOLD Leadership Consultants, LLC is a collaborative group of school leaders that successfully lead educational institutions aimed at ensuring students reach proficiency of academic content while learning how to (1) think critically and creatively, (2) collaborate and communicate effectively (3) adapt to challenges and complex problems.

Public education requires bold leaders to design learning that is student-centered, systemic personalized learning that builds ownership of learning of all ages. BOLD Leadership Consultants offer the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to fundamentally redesign educational structures and help you solve the most complex issues of your organizations.

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The mission of BOLD Leadership Consultants is to advance educational and intercultural development for leaders by providing participants with educational experiences, academic support, and organizational strategies for success.  We specifically aim to create spaces for BOLD leaders to have mentorship, leadership, development, intercultural development and networking opportunities from inspiring, educated and innovative individuals. 

BOLD Leadership Consultants, LLC aim to support universities and school district's efforts to recruit and retain more diverse teachers. 

Affinity groups are intended to bring people together over a commonality. We all benefit from interactions with people who share common identities or experiences.  When you are in the numerical minority of a community, these bonding interactions may only occur during an affinity group.

BOLD Leadership Consultants value those that have a desire to assist in our vision.   


Allies unite oneself with another to promote a common interest. People who are allies are not only helpers, but also have a common interest with those they desire to help. In an alliance, both parties stand to benefit from the bond or connection they share. 



BOLD is a necessary and timely group of leaders filling a void in our community. I am all in to support as needed.

As an educator, I know firsthand of the the need to have an organization like BOLD. Its impact can be immeasurable and the mission is required to enhance this profession, while retaining great educators as well.

Catherine Schumacher

CEO and President

Public Education Partners

Public Education Partners is committed to supporting the voices of teachers and administrators who strive to center equity as a core value and to use it to guide innovations and educational strategies. The BOLD team has a demonstrated track record of doing just that, and we look forward to elevating its work to our constituents and partnering with it whenever possible.

George Davis

Director of Community Engagement

Peace Center

As an organization we desire to continue our on-going relationship of support by formally becoming an ally of BOLD. The work of widening pathways for BIPOC communities through education and amplifying voices through the arts aligns with our mission and is complimentary to that of BOLD.

Meghan Barp

CEO and President

United Way of Greenville County

Mark Joseph

Call Me MiSTER